, Is Total War Warhammer, Worth Playing  in 2020?

Is Total War Warhammer, Worth Playing in 2020?

Platforms: PC

Journey to the World of Warhammer

The latest entry in the Long-running Total war series by The Creative Assemblies, praised as groundbreaking by some, as watered down by others, we will be taking a look at total wars first dip into the world of Warhammer as the gaming world prepares for the soon release of the sequel Total War: Warhammer II, we will be focusing on Gameplay, Pricing, DLC Controversy, Presentation.


Having played every Total War title released, I can agree with both mainstream opinions this title has generated, the Gameplay is streamlined, fun and enjoyable with a hint of RPG aspect which is refreshing, however for long time Total War gamers it does feel dumbed down, Navel combat had rolled back a decades the entire navel recruitment/combat system missing entirely, apparently due to a licensing conflict with Warhammer Man 0 War series, graphics, sounds and unit variety as with all total war games very high quality.

The Good

Ability to customise the skills and equipment of your hero characters and legendary lords is fantastic,l adds so much depth, some will excel at one on one combat, others will focus on campaign map buffs, a third can focus army buffs for battles, mix and match, select mounts, armour, weapons and more, it feels great, looks great and provides a fantastic arsenal of in battle skills both passive and active.

The Bad, er Frankly Awful

Diplomacy is severely lacking, strange modifiers will leave you scratching your head as allies turn against you for strange things like, declaring war on their enemy, while losing influence with that same ally for not declaring war, attacking you if you are weak, hating you if you are strong, even if lore-wise you are lifelong allies(Dwarf and Empires), going from massively friendly to hated enemies after defeating a unified enemy (Chaos) there are mods which fix this, but the core game diplomacy system is horrifically lacking, turning endgame into a mindless grind as you slaughter your allies, and they, in turn, raze your settlements.


Total war games for the last several titles have shared a common trait, wait for sales or be prepared to lay down some serious money for the full package, currently there is more DLC available than The cost of the base game itself, direct via Steam it’s currently just under £88 for the base game + all DLC, some third party key sellers are cheaper, steam sales normally bring this down to £50-60, but with Warhammer II around the corner with equal DLC probably and a third instalment coming 2018 to complete the full Total War Warhammer trilogy’s unified campaign map you will be looking at around £300 for the full experience

DLC Controversy

Since the advent of steam-based Total war games, we have always had masses of DLC options for total war game,s gone the games a single disc expac unlocks all the extra content for the series, it’s now common to have 6+ DLC for a game, and some go up into the teens, TW:Warhammer is no exception, with a whopping 15 pieces of DLC and FLC it steals the Total War crown of most DLC away from Total War: Rome 2, while I can understand the reasons some gamers dislike the DLC offered by The Creative Assemblies, I personally feel for the value it adds to the game, it’s worth it, each paid DLC added something new to the game, and even the FLC brought a healthy dose of new content without charging a cent.

In Conclusion

Fans of the Warhammer universe or Total War fans will want to pick up this title, to a lesser degree fans of strategy games will also find this game amazingly enjoyable and perhaps their first taste of the Total war series, its easier to swallow than some of the more complex TW titles, 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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