, Is Battlefield 1, Worth Playing?

Is Battlefield 1, Worth Playing?

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Prepare for War

Battlefield 1 was released 21 October 2016 now as we approach its first birthday we look at how the game is holding up, and what changes it has undergone to become one of the most played Battlefield titles on PC, Xbox One, and Ps4.

Boasting both a robust and beautiful campaign mode and an active and challenging multiplayer Scene Bf1 has more than earned its acclaim. However, the road to today has not all been paved with gold. There have been pitfalls along the way.

Splitting the Userbase

Dice and EA sadly didn’t learn their lesson from the less than Stella performance of matchmaking in Star Wars Battlefront and one again paywalled off DLC maps for most of the first year, having the same effect as on previous titles, this caused not only slower matchmaking for the base game owners but at times left the new DLC maps a comparative ghost town.

This was addressed partially by adding the game to EA Acess/Origin Vault and releasing the revolution edition which combines all current and future DLC into the base game, as well as premium friend weekends which allow season pass owners to bring their friends into premium maps and modes.

Slow DLC Releases

The promised 4 major DLC have released much slower than many expected, while there have been free DLC between the major updates, the overall tempo of releases has been 4-5 months between significant drops.

I am not opposed to this schedule as it allows more time for quality testing, and has given us 2 fantastic quality DLC They Shall Not Pass and In the name of the Tsar, with a third and fourth announced but no details, as well as free smaller DLC updates, Dice have not failed in keeping to their word to support the game with continued quality updates.


Gameplay in BF1 is class-based, the 4 main classes of scout, medic, support, and assault provide a great variety of loadout and customising options to suit any battle environment, the addition of specialist classes like anti-tank sniper, pilot, tanker, flame trooper, heavy gunner and calvary man can all be enjoyed by performing the correct requirement (spawning in a tank, on a horse, in a plane etc.) or finding one of the special weapon crates that grant the specialist weapons, classes can be swapped on the fly by picking up the dropped weapons of dead allies and enemies, allowing rapid swapping of roles between spawns.

In Addiction to spawning in as a specific class, load outs and classes can be swapped on the fly by picking up the dropped weapons of dead allies and enemies, allowing rapid swapping of roles between spawns.

The single-player campaign is all we have come to expect form dice, gives a great selection of missions and cutscenes, the stories are short but well written and executed, the game shines in its multiplayer modes, allowing squad-based battles where multiple squares on each side battle over the map’s objectives.

Maps are varied, and with destructible environments providing a full and changing battlefield, fog, debris, harsh weather all affect the battle flow.


for the amount of content the game is fairly priced, sales around holidays bring the game to around the £25-£30 mark which is extremely fair for something you can sink hundreds of hours into, I have about 100 hours as a casual player due to time constraints and fully intend to triple that time at least.

Pay to win

Chests can be purchased which reward skins, these, in turn, can be broken down to a barter currency used to buy XP boosts and select skins, despite this slight P2W element boosts are shared squad wide, allowing players to gain the XP boost from the squadmates or free chest drops, negating any pay to win element.


It’s a first-person shooter, of course, the community has a vast toxic element, but if you find yourself a good squad or guild/clan you can have hours of fun with great guys and girls who just want to play the game, most games will have a mix of toxic and good players, so take the good with the bad and have fun!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, any fans of shooters, world war one history, battlefield, team-based PVP games or online gaming, in general, will love this, the game feels and looks amazing.

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