, Is Banished, Worth Playing  in 2020?

Is Banished, Worth Playing in 2020?

Platforms: PC

Keep awake, and you will have a fun time… kinda.

Banished is boring, but that’s not a bad thing, 12 angry men is on paper mindlessly boring yet is one of the best films of all time, despite being little more than 12 middle-aged white guys arguing in a room, the gameplay consists of placing buildings for your little settlers to live/work in, the boring we will explain below in detail, the gameplay is balanced, the music is good,the graphics are great for the genre.

Frantic minutes, dull hours.

The first minutes/hour of playing banished is a frantic risk-filled panic as you struggle to grasp the map/surroundings, assign your meagre labours, clear land, build houses, set gathering, blacksmiths and more, the problem starts after the first 30min-1 hour when your colony basically doesn’t need you more than a few clicks an hour, build a new house, approve a trade deal, even on 10x speed its dull, and more of a clicker than a strategy game.

Hours can pass even at 10X speed where nothing happens of any interest at all.

Head West Young Man.

Banished comes with Steamworks integration allowing a multitude of mods to change the gameplay, add new mechanics, buildings and more, for those hooked by this title, and it is very addictive (even if it’s hard to point out WHY it is so addicting), this feature is a gold mine.

Worth the price?

Certainly, for those that want a slow-paced clicker or my personal use of the game, like a digital ant farm, it’s well worth the price, especially during steam sales.


As I touched on briefly to me this is a digital ant farm, I enjoy zooming in on standard speed and watching the little settlers go about their day, its relaxing and calming, as a game honestly its gameplay isn’t that gripping, but as a simulation of a small wild west settlement its an amazing little title.

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