, Is For Honor, Worth Playing ?

Is For Honor, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Classic Ubisoft Game…Yay or Oh, no?

Ubisoft produce some amazing titles, that’s without question, whenever they produce a new title you know it’s going be both fantastic in the long term and downright dismal in the short term, For Honor is now 12 months old and limping like a wounded samurai, but perhaps this warrior has a few tricks up its sleeve to prove the naysayers wrong?

Great and awful at the same time.

Great graphics, sound design, marketing, mechanics, Ubisoft games have all these qualities in abundance, large player base, great net code.. oh wait.. while we eventually get great net code, good matchmaking and a large player base Ubisoft games all suffer a major floor, at launch their net code stinks, matchmaking barely works, and the player base passes through faster than a Chinese takeout, with player numbers often dropping off 90%+ after just a few weeks.

Keep Holding on.

All hope is not lost, Ubisoft with dogged determinating and dedication they push forward, where most publishers would flee to their next title, or retreat to radio silence, Ubisoft works hard to apply the feedback into their game and produce something the players want to play, This isn’t to say they do this quickly, in fact, Ubisoft are slow, thorough and meticulous, when they finally get it right, they really get it right.

Look at the amazing success of Rainbow Siege 6,  frankly terrible for its first year, unbalanced operators, terrible net code, rampant cheaters, and more bugs than bullets, compared to the present day and it is viewed as one of the most active, growing, and well respected tactical shooters on the market, currently entering its 3rd season of new content with no end to its popularity insight.

The Achilles Heel

For Honor’s main failing is the awful peer to peer multiplayer that results in lag, ping spikes, poor connection, and frequent disconnects which replaces players with bots that are drastically overpowered for lower-level matches and horrifically underpowered when facing more skilled players in higher level matches, leaving Victory or Defeat in the hands of not the players, but the awful netcode and networking.

Hope comes with the Dawn.

The Season 5 update “Age of Wolves” due to arrive in Feb 2018 will address the terrible peer to peer multiplayer by swapping to dedicated servers, with a flood of returning players for this much needed and long-requested change, For Honors best chance to finally take its place as a Ubisoft great, is close at hand.

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