, Is Eco, Worth Playing ?

Is Eco, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

I received this key free for review purposes; the opinions are my own and are not dictated by the developers.

The Red tape you were missing and didn’t know it.

When you think of Minecraft, the first thing you may miss is nicer graphics, Eco has these, or perhaps better character models, Eco has these also, but what I love most about Eco is the Bureaucracy, the fact rules and regulations can limit what you can do, rules decided by other players, if you agree or not, I thought this would put me off the game.. but I was so wrong.. it makes it better, suddenly each tree I chop, rock I smash, animal I hunt, crop I grow, building I create, or waterway I fill with dirt matters,.. not just to me but the world itself and THAT right there is the magic of ECO making you care about this world your character lives in.

I can look how I like!

Too often in games like this I am forced to look like a fresh-faced young man or an anime pretty boy, but here I have an abundance of choices for my character feminine, masculine, beard, a vast array of clothing colour choices, the character look gorgeous and have nice touches like showing your toolbar tools on your character, from axe on the backpack to bow over your shoulder, the infinite void of backpack is replaced by a much more realistic inventory, with a weight limit, no more carrying 1000x granite for you young man!

One change to character creator I would love to see is the ability to customise facial features a bit more, and a goatee beard added to facial hair selector, why is it so many games miss the king of facial hair? Name one single facial hairstyle cooler than a goatee? Sure mutton chops.. but they are in a league of their own.

All this and more.

It looks great, runs smooth, and tastes like strawberry poptarts* what more could you want for an early access title?

*It may or may not taste like Poptarts

Tools feel floaty.

Sometimes felt as if my axe was passing through a tree without any damage being done to the tree, with only 1 in 3 hits registering if not stood at the exact right angle.

I wanna See myself eat!

I would love to see the item I am eating in hand and animation when in 3rd person to see myself putting it in my mouth, would be a huge buff to roleplay servers.

In Conclusion

This game isn’t just good for an early access title, its good for a fully released title, to think the quality we see now isn’t the finished product is exciting, to say the least, could we be looking at the next-gen of Minecraft? only time will tell, but the future certainly is bright for Eco


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