BATTALION 1944 -Garbage, but Good Garbage.

BATTALION 1944 -Garbage, but Good Garbage.
First Person Shooter PC

Updated Review June 2019

BATTALION 1944: Bringing Something to the Table.

The COD killer that never was.

I recall it now, the hyped to the gils gamers gnashing at the bit for BATTALION 1944, they would drop into comments, threads, reddit’s of Battlefield, Call of Duty and other shooters to warn of their incoming demise at the hands of B1944.. it didn’t happen and it won’t, at least not at B1944 hands.. its just not that good.

Some of the worst flaws

  1. Weapons have no weight to them and feel like they are floating, there Is no real feel of shooting even the recoil feels fake and unrealistic, with no weight or body to it.
  2. Combat is fast but dull, bodies just drop like dolls when dead.
  3. Maps don’t feel interactive, more like plastic playsets than warzones.
  4. The UI is horrible and feels like a free to play pc/mobile game
  5. Launched to 2400 average CCU fell to under 800CCU Average in a month as I type this Review the CCU is under 80, less than even the awful Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in its second year managing a daily 700 CCU and as I type 147 CCU.
  6. Launched with a loot box system for cosmetics.. ugly & overdone cosmetics.

It does have a few good points

  1. It runs very smooth and I encountered no lag on highest settings, so optimization seems to now be handled better.
  2. Que times are pretty quick.

Feels Free to play..with a price tag.

The game reminds me of too many free to play titles I have played and grown tired of, there is nothing about the title which deserves a price tag, especially with the game launching with a loot box system.

More like “unspecified White fish”  than COD.

I hold no special loyalty to Call of Duty or any game series I would welcome a new game/franchise to shake up the FPS scene, I would be the first to buy such a game and review it highly if it deserved it, but frankly B1944 is garbage, its good garbage, but not worth a purchase at any price, free to play with better cosmetics is one way forward to keep some butts in the seats for matchmaking.


In Conclusion.

I was hoping to be impressed, but gameplay videos, lets play, and my short time playing the game confirmed all I had seen was true, B1944 isn’t the next big thing, and COD for now still reigns as the best war based FPS, and that’s a shame, it needs strong competition to force innovation, when a franchise goes so long without a strong rival it is the consumer who loses out.


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