, Is Rainbow Siege 6, Worth Playing ?

Is Rainbow Siege 6, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

A Poor Start, a Great Finish.

The game is published by ubisoft.. we can all go home now, we know how it goes, begins awful, people riot, pitchforks are bought by the thousands, Reddit, forums, discords, and facebook comments get a high salt warning twitter is declared toxic by the CDC, however within about 1 year to 18 months the string of fixes have worked, the pitchforks are put away until the next UbiSoft game and people rejoice in the streets with tears of unfound joy at the pleasure that is the latest UbiSoft game to be saved from a fiery death.

RS6 at launch was laggy garbage, losing a massive percentage of its player base within weeks, on steam alone the CCU dropped by nearly 40% in the first few months, uplay saw even worse drops according to multiple sources.

But then things began to change, Ubisoft listened to feedback as they always do and suddenly the numbers began to grow slowly, taking only the steam chart data we can see the CCU grew from in huge jumps year to year

  • March 2016: 11,234
  • March 2017: 47,994
  • March 2018: 176,208

The latest data is extremely interesting, considering the price of the base game has increased in late 2017.

The price increase in the 3rd year? Madness?.

The new price is worth it. The game has good co-op, made even better by the limited time outbreak mode, which should become a dedicated co-op campaign and expanded upon alongside each of the four major yearly updates the game receives.

The PVP is amazingly fun, the weapons feel like real-world counterparts, the tactical aspect of the combat helps avoid the run and gun of games such as Call of duty, while the COD style is fun, this is a good change of pace.

The Best Dish for a High Sodium Diet.

Due to the business model allowing new operators to be unlocked free by using in-game currency from matches, the game is amazingly salty, I doubt you will find a more toxic overall community, while I would say the toxic players make up less than 30% of total player base you are likely to get 3-4 per 10 man match, so have a thick skin, personally their salty antics amuse me, but your mileage may vary.

Do you happen to have that helmet in Tophat flavour?

There is a vast array of cosmetic changes you can make to your characters and weapons, alongside some useful changes like scope and attachments to align your weapons better with your playstyle, and yes there is a top hat helmet for the dang fancy among us.

A Whole New World of possibilities.

While I touched on it earlier, it cannot be stressed enough how good Outbreak mode is. Outbreak could easily be kept ongoing as a co-op PvE mode for those who want more than the current terrorist hunt co-op PvE. I would pay £30 for a full DLC campaign.

Worth it?

Yep 100%, I suggest avoiding the starter edition and looking online for old boxed copies or keys as you can get the full vanilla game for a little more than the starter,

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