PixArk, Is PixArk, Worth Playing ?
Is PixArk, Worth Playing ?

The best of Ark Survival and Minecraft.

Two of the most significant game genres in the world have collided, voxel-based building (made famous by Minecraft) and dinosaur survival represented predominately by Ark Survival Evolved, with genes this good, you know the kid is going to be excellent, and Pixark does not disappoint, with cute graphics, dozens of craftable items, a massive world, over 100 dinosaurs to tame or battle, the benefit of 2 years Ark Survival feedback, Pix Ark is already off to a flying start with an all-time high ccu of 14k, average daily ccu of 13k and a current ccu of 7k within mere days of launch, the future is looking very bright for this title.. or is that the past? (dinosaur pun.. you have to laugh now… I mean it!)

Looks like his Mommy!

The building style is very much Minecraft, you craft items, weapons, punch trees, hide in your house and pray for morning, or mine down so deep you get lost and starve to death while AFK eating your fish finger sandwiches or arguing with your spouse/parent about who is going watch your Trex tame while you take out the trash.

Acts just like his Daddy.

Like ark, you can. Pick up poop, tame the weird pig thing that poops, poop yourself, there is a whole lot of poop going on, everyone has fantastic regular bowel movements, apart from the poop you can also tame dinosaurs and die over and over to raptors who like to roam the starter zones driving newbies into fits of uncontrolled fear and ragequit.

Has the Family Nose and Eyes.

Why am I always hungry? Why did I die to fall less than 2 foot? Why is my eagle stuck in a wall? Why did I die while logged out? Where is the heck my house? What happened to my ammo? All the typical Minecraft/ark problems appear here, but that’s to be expected.

Worth a Buy?

If you like Ark or Voxel graphics yes, however, if you mostly want an excellent Dino survival and can afford/run it I suggest going for the Ark Survival Evolved instead, as it provides a much more in-depth experience.

For those who love the PVP aspect, its a little disappointing PVP is limited to weekends on official servers.



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