blackops2, Is Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Worth Playing ?
Is Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Worth Playing ?

Patient, Lazy or Busy Gamers Rejoice.

With the announcement of the 4th Black OP game up for preorder, it reminded me that I had not played the story of the previous three game’s single-player campaign, with a long weekend free, and a stack of Kinder Hazelnut Hippos I tackled the 8 Hour Campaign.

A story that is worth telling.

The story of Black Op 2 is very much a  sequel to the first game, and as such, some parts of the story at first are somewhat confusing, with characters referenced with from first story presuming that you know who the heck they are, or why they are important to the story.

The Story is much better than Call of Duty Ghosts, the addition of a voiced protagonist helps avoid the mute player character trope that is so often seen in shooters, the swaps between two different generations of Navy Seals is fantastic, allowing you to experience both 1980s and 2025 technology, I much prefer the ’80s but both generations have their benefits.

The NPC’s you encounter all feel fantastic with distinct personalities and the bond between the characters feels authentic.

More Branches than Grandma’s Rotary club.

While avoiding spoilers I will say the story has a huge selection of choices that are not clearly shown in the story, for those who want to avoid spoilers they can simply avoid online spoilers and see which ending their gut gives them, alternatively you can find guides online for every single ending and how to achieve them.

Braaaains… You need them for the Zombie mode!

The zombie mode is not your standard run and gun horde,  it requires tactics, teamwork and at later levels even ammo management to make sure you don’t end up fighting barehanded against a horde the environment in many maps change as the story goes on, with new e environment dangers adding to the threat level.

Thankfully there are also multiple ways to boost your chances, from faster reloads to larger ammo pools.

The maps are varied, the mechanics sound and the story and characters are pretty fun, from Redneck girls to agents.

Zombie mode? heck this is a Zombie game!

The multiplayer mode isn’t massive anymore. However the average online is 1k to 1.8k which is more than enough for pretty fast matchmaking in TDM mode, the most commonly played mode in every COD title, the more niche modes, however, may not see as much play except at peak hours.

Worth a Buy?

At the full price no, however at steam sales or from third-party retailers certainly, the story is great, but under 8 hours for a single run-through, the zombie mode does offer infinite replay with friends, multiplayer is still fun, but limited in which modes and maps are actually played.

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