, Is Far Cry 5, Worth Playing ?

Is Far Cry 5, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Game of the Year Contender: Mullets, Shotguns, more Mullets.

I am calling it now, FC5 will be in the run for game of the year 2018, I’ve played dozens of new titles this year and hundreds prior to that, but I have never enjoyed a game as much as FarCry 5, the world feels alive, vibrant and inviting, the story is actually decent despite what some edgy click-baiting youtube reviewers say, but story aside the world itself is what makes the game so good, lets look into why that world is so awesome below, but first a small detour to..

A deep and abiding hatred of country music.

It seems the Peggies have a deep abiding love for Country music in the style of 80’s Christian music, every truck you steal from them has one of several country songs playing, they really help make the world feel alive, even if that alive feeling comes at the cost of listening to country music while being involved in a chase to outrun a Peggie kill squad.

A living world full of death.

The World design, character design, vehicle design everything feels about perfect in FC5, the world is littered with quests large and small, as well as mini-encounters, giving you a chance to save some poor “sinner” from being burnt alive by a Peggie VIP, or perhaps tracking down a preppers stash of weapons/vehicles

You are also able to stumble upon battles between NPCs as Peggy and Militia go head to head, NPCs will loot weapons, ride vehicles, take up defensive positions, the AI is excellent and at times unnerving when you are being tailed by some Peggie trackers!

Hooked by the seat of your britches.

It’s not often a game which I have paid full price for feels so rewarding and such good value as FarCry 5, I Preordered the Gold edition and feel I had excellent value for money in the dozen or so hours I played already, with about 80% of the campaign left to go.

Once you have your fill of the campaign, you have the multiplayer mode to look forward to with one of the most in-depth map editors in any game released in the last decade, giving an endless variety of maps, despite most lobbies picking Nuketown.

Playing co-op in the campaign is also fantastic, giving a whole new feel to the game as your buddy accidentally crashes your plane on takeoff killing you both.

With the Season pass promising some amazingly campy Farcry looking fun, I am excited to see what other surprises this game gives us in 2018.

5/5 star in my books!

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