, Is Thrones of Britannia, Worth Playing  in 2020?

Is Thrones of Britannia, Worth Playing in 2020?

Platforms: PC

A history both Deep and Rich.

Total War has a rich and lasting legacy with a fan base spanning decades. I love Total War games they are without a doubt my favourite strategy games in existence, I own every base game+DLC they have produced, even the bizarre action combat spin-offs!

With that being said, I do not blindly give a game a good or bad review just because its new or different, ToB both interested and concerned me with its smaller scope and streamlined feature set, frankly it works, better than I could have hoped, the streamlined core features with new features designed especially for Tob give the game a familiar and new feeling all at once.

Calm down people I have a war to fight.

My attempt at the West Seaxe campaign was a total failure, I was not watching the loyalty of my nobles and before I knew it my war against the East Angles was no longer the true threat, several traitorous nobles had formed a rival West Seaxe and were trying to dethrone me, the total cheek of it all!

The new Research and Economy systems feel better, no longer do I need entirely new units, I can instead upgrade my current archers/spearmen etc. as new technology and weapons are unlocked, allowing the unit experience to endure between tech upgrades.

On the subject of Combat, units seem to react more authentically in battle. My ai controlled allies formed battle lines and the enemy and allied Ai both charged, retreated, flanked, counter flanked, volley, and frankly stopped acting like numbskulls, I finally felt like I was watching a real battle unfold.

Oh, ain’t you the fancy lad.

Diplomacy and events in ToB feel like they are finally in the place they should have been all along, often in previous titles diplomacy was a barely used subsystem, here its an upfront and centre tool in your governing arsenal, some vassals rushed to my aid in time of need, others rebelled when they saw my power was weak due to a two-front war, diplomatic marriages are back front and centre in a way not seen since Medieval Total War 2, all in all for a lover of diplomatic wheeling and dealing it is a real treat.

You must be fun on dates.

It never ceases to amuse me the amount of salt Total War games receive due to the price of the game + DLC, Are TW games pricy, of course, a full TW title and all DLC can run you £120-150, are they overpriced? Not at all the Content to Cost ratio of Total war Games is immensely in favour of the gamer, with an average total war title providing upwards of 250 hours playtime and many having 2000+ hours on some titles if anything the games are underpriced.

Total War games are not expensive because they are the leading strategy game series; they are the leading strategy game series due to being expensive and proving resources for continued high-quality content development.

Worth a Play?

If you like strategy games and are interested in the Era you can find no better or more comprehensive game released in the last five years than Thrones of Britannia, you will easily get your money worth and then some.


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