, Why Did Fragmented Die?

Why Did Fragmented Die?

Platforms: PC

The idea was beautiful. Such a beautiful disaster…

Repopulation, a MMORPG in the vein of Star wars galaxies, winner of indie game of the year awards, one of the most hyped, delayed and then canceled, reborn, canceled, reborn MMO to ever exist gave us this disaster in steam form, one of the most awful and generic survival games to ever exist on steam given as compensation to people who backed a game for 5-20x the value of this “game” I use the term very lightly.

If we could hold on through tears and laughter…

In theory, this game could have been great, a sci-fi survival game was not yet on the market when this game launched, but after a bad few years with Repopulation clearly the devs didn’t have it left in them to launch a new game and it shows, the game looks thrown together and abandoned shortly after leaving the player base high and dry and Repopulation itself changing hands for yet another rebuild.

Would it be beautiful or just a beautiful disaster?…

This game was made after the original development of Repopulation stalled due to some rather shady business between the Hero Engine creator and the Game Developers, both sides blame the other and only God knows the truth who was right and who was wrong, either way, we were given this “gem” as the promised Repopulation rebuild took place.

Don’t know what he is after…

Backers of Repopulation wanted an MMORPG. The userbase wanted an open world, faction-based MMORPG in the style of the legendary Star Wars Galaxies; instead, we were given a very poor survival sandbox that looked like the asset store threw up on unreal engine 4.

Worth a play?

No, goodness sake no, it began off terrible, staggered around like a drunk for a while before faceplanting into the dirt, with a record ccu of under 400 and a daily max ccu of 4 it is as dead as a duck in orange brandy sauce.

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