, Is Conan Exiles, Worth Playing  in 2018?

Is Conan Exiles, Worth Playing in 2018?

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Crom is a jerk, Conan Exiles Rocks.

Conan Exiles has come a long way in the 15 months since release, from a barebones, buggy, and at times frustratingly glitchy title, to one that proudly sits among my favourite category, the graphics, sound, mechanics and gameplay all fit together perfectly to give an authentic Conan experience the combat systems are excellent, the mob ai is finally edging closer to being good, the base building is magnificent, all like Conan on the wheel of pain become a warrior without equal, Conan Exiles has exited its wheel of pain (early access) as a mature and capable game.

The enigma of Steam, uh Steel.

Steam had given up on Conan Exiles, it was derided by many clickbait reviewers and YouTubers as a dead duck, another “Early Access Scam”, far from being a scam Conan Exiles has proven to be exactly what Steam Early access should be, a system where players and developers interact to produce a game of genuine quality that people WANT to play.

Conan – Slayer of Bugs

In my original review of Conan Exiles I went into detail on the many bugs which made the game unenjoyable, the player base during testing dropped down to low 4 digits and the average gamer it appeared to be dead before its official launch, however the underlying promise gave me hope the game would succeed, now 7 months on we have a game that not only avoided death but has reached the top ten most-played on steam, with a player base that grew from a March peak of 3,677 ccu to a May peak of 49,230 ccu!

While the game still has a way to go in introducing and polishing features, the majority of game-breaking bugs and rampant cheating is a thing of the past. The future looks very bright indeed for Funcom and Conan Exiles.

Worth a Purchase?

100% yes if you are aware of what you are buying into, the game does not hold your hand and can be brutal and bloody, nudity is possible in some settings, and it does feature the topic of slavery, If you are chill with those aspects its worth a purchase for certain, one of the most polished survival games I have ever played, and one I find myself playing daily again since release.

Early Access Review

For those interested here is our original review of Conan Exiles from November 2017


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