, Is Turmoil, Worth Playing ?

Is Turmoil, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Mobile Game Simulator 2017 but good.

Turmoil feels like a mobile game, the audience for it is precisely that of a mobile game, gamers,non-gamers, grandparents, small children, reluctant “forced by bf/gf” gamers, you name it, it appeals to everyone on a very basic level, while its not overly flashy or impressive, it is very well made with great mechanics and a fantastic art style, I find myself coming back to again and again if only for short 10 minute playtime.

Just because it looks, acts and feels like a mobile game doesn’t mean its not worth a play, gamers of all walks need to open their minds to a full array of games these days, as the massive variety of possible playstyles and clever mechanics available in games you may not  even give a chance could surprise you with their quality and potential for fun..

Everyone needs a change of pace.

While I am not a hardcore gamer of the variety that games for 72 hours straight and lives off Red Bull and cheese puffs, I am a pretty serious gamer, I like the big names, I own pretty much every new Big Indie and AAA release, I would have never have thought this would be my type of game, and on a large scale it certainly isn’t my type of game, but that doesn’t mean It cannot be a good time passer, I had several good hours in turmoil and didn’t regret them, I found it a good game to play while waiting for my other games to patch or that AFK raider to get his butt back in front of his PC, with such a small download and memory footprint its the game I run in a window  and play between rounds of my real game, and that’s ok, its the bread roll of gaming, not the main course but pretty tasty as you wait.

Frustratingly good.

There is a decent amount of challenge as you progress through the game, enough to keep you having to think or face bankruptcy, the mechanics are simple to learn, but you are a challenge to master.

Worth a purchase?

Depends what you are looking for, for serious gamers its not going to scratch that itch, there are a lot better serious economic strategy games out there, but for those who want to experience a fun and engaging little title, that is very much a perfect example of an indie Title then you cannot go wrong with Turmoil.

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