, Is Realm Royale, Worth Playing  2018?

Is Realm Royale, Worth Playing 2018?

Platforms: PC

Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Hi-Rez does have a habit of copying successful games and giving it a flavour of their own.

It’s slightly tacky, to be honest, Looking at Overwatch vs Paladins the similarities are too many to be an accident.

While they added unique mechanics to the Paladins, it is clearly “inspired” by Overwatch.

Realm Royale is very much inspired by Fortnite graphically and mechanically, and that is ok, both games have a market, and Steam doesn’t have Fortnite, soo with that said…

Steam has its own “Fortnite” now.

A lot of people treat Steam like it is the holy grail of gaming.

While I love Steam, I proudly have half a dozen+ launchers and clients. I want the best games and the best deals.

I don’t worry about keeping it all contained to Steam, but for those that do, they now have their own “Fortnite Clone” in the form of Realm Royale.

It doesn’t have the building system, the gunplay is very similar, and the aesthetics extremely fun.

It’s just a baby.

Realm Royale is a very new game, and there is weird map clipping, no selection of skins, and some unexplained game mechanics, its an alpha and feels like it at every turn, however even at this early stage, it is apparent this game has masses of developer experience behind it.

Hi-Rez (SMITE and Paladins) have plenty of Experience bringing popular games to the Steam platform, powered by the Unreal Engine.

Ssh, the baby, is sleeping.

The game is new, very new and as such the community is not yet up to the volume required to have 24/7 fast matchmaking, I tried this morning at 4 am EU.

I just couldn’t get a squad match at all. I imagine the same is true for early am in the NA region, swapping to another region can often help you find a match, but will result in higher ping.

Worth a Play?

I wouldn’t quit Fortnite for it, but its certainly a strong “second place” Cartoon Battle Royale, and one I suggest everyone who enjoys Fortnite have a look at, with a CCU of over 4500 for day 1 in public alpha, that shows a lot of promise for the future if the developers react to feedback.

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