, Is Pixel Survivors, Worth Playing ?

Is Pixel Survivors, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Take me back to when Mood rings were cool..

When strategy games were in their infancy god games were all the rage, morph, merge and change the landscape, instruct settlers to build buildings and then watch as they went about their chicken-eating lives and fought off various threats you wish they would let you command them against.

This was the essence of 90’s god games, and something that Pixel Survivors has captured to near perfection, the game has all the excitement of an ant farm, and as such it should be played with that mindset, you are here to help nurture, not command your pixel subjects.

When high-speed internet was the dream of fools…

there have been many games which tried to capture the 90’s vibe and often they do well, but there is always something that breaks the immersion, from good quality avatar animations to crystal clear audio, these additions ruin the true immersion you want to feel by playing these titles, while there are a few era-appropriate mistakes, large and by far Pixel Survivors looks, feels, sounds and plays like the type of game you played while sucking on a Ring Pop and drinking a cool ice Tab Clear .

Worth a play?

Do you enjoy authentic 90’s style games? If so then yes I fully recommend this title, if you are not into the 90’s gaming vibe, then I suggest you look elsewhere as this game is a near-perfect recreation of 90’s gaming goodness.

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