, Is Tree of Life: Tree, Worth Playing  in 2018?

Is Tree of Life: Tree, Worth Playing in 2018?

Platforms: PC

Hanging on for Dear Life.

Tree of Life should have been dead 2 years ago at least, the fact its still around with a small but dedicated player base shows the game itself at its core is somewhat decent, the art style is cute, the gameplay is solid, the combat is poor, the building system has been tweaked and changed so much i have lost track of what order the changes come, but its still decently fun as of now, crafting is enjoyable, and pvp is.. broken.. its been broken in many forms since the game began but none so much as now, from Brazil vs rest of the world war of the first year to the faction-based pvp with option to join a mega neutral faction, pvp has swung from all-out war to almost no action and then back to a kinda middle ground which no one is liking.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

The Developers are based in South Korea, one of the power houses of modern gaming, there are many Korean game developers who rank among my favourite, the issue with OddOneGames is the developers themselves don’t speak English, and the community ambassador despite trying her best has a poor grasp of English, All props to her, she knows more English than I know Korean, however when selling to an English market its beneficial to have a native speaker to communicate with the players and gather feedback, often the devs seem to be out of touch with what players want, and I feel a lot of it is simply lost in translation.

Worth a Play?

If the devs gave the option for private servers certainly, however with the official servers barely breaking a combined 100 ccu on a great day and averaging 50 ccu, there isn’t much Life left in Tree of Life.

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