, Why Did Earthfall Die?

Why Did Earthfall Die?

Platforms: PC

Brilliant Kid, but Don’t get cocky.

Earthfall had an interesting, if not devastating time in early access, launching far too soon, with horrifically poor optimization and being drastically overpriced, Earthfall looked set never to leave early access and yet here we are only weeks away from the game leaving early access, an exciting milestone to be certain, but is Earthfall any good?

What’s So Wrong with it? It looks great.

The main problem with Earthfall is the developers greatly overvalued their product, it is simply not worth the asking price of £23.79, honestly that is crazy when you can currently purchase Left 4 Dead 2 for only £1.54, Left 4 Dead 2 has a 24 hour ccu peak of 26,185 players, compared with Earthfall’s 24 hour ccu peak of 31 players, for a game which is entirely dependent on multiplayer for the maximum experience this is clearly very troubling.

It is great, And the improvement has been astounding.

The game itself is solid. The developers have every right to be proud of how far they have come from the badly optimised mess which they launched into Steam Early Access with.

Reaching this level of polish and optimization is a long journey and a fantastic accomplishment for a small team, but that doesn’t mean the consumer will pay through the nose for it,  a better price for the amount of content would be around £7-10, with only 8 missions and no steam workshop or modding tools the replay value is severely limited.

Left 4 Dead 2 utilises the Steam Workshop to an astonishing degree, providing near-infinite content, due to the lack of content in Earthfall a dedicated team of players could burn through it in a matter of hours.

Worth a Purchase?

The Price of £23.79 is too much this game. It will never gain critical mass at this price, coupled with rumours of an impending price increase, Earthfall could very well die at launch.

Closing Notes

The developer should heed the community feedback, slash the price, and expand the content.

EarthFall is worth saving, but it cannot be saved with a price hike, it can only be saved by reducing the price to a level that anyone can enjoy, it needs to be good value for money, and frankly, right now it isn’t.

I would never have paid the price for the game.

If I hadn’t had the chance to get a spare key from a stranger, I wouldn’t have even considered the game.

The gameplay is good, on a technical level I would wholeheartedly recommend people play it, fun, fast, and fantastic it is a great team-based shooter, at the current price however I cannot recommend it, in fact, I strongly recommend against it at the current price.

Perhaps the developers will see reason and lower down the entry price to something gamers are willing to pay, but so far there are no signs of that, I wish them a successful launch, that being said I am concerned that the future will turbulent and short-lived for Earthfall.

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