Ark Survival Evolved : One Heck of a Game.

Ark Survival Evolved : One Heck of a Game.
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1, 2,3,4 everybody do the Dinosaur.

Whenever I think of steam early access games that were a success I think of Ark Survival Evolved, Don’t get me wrong the game is not perfect, it has more than its share of bugs and at the beginning of its life terrible optimization, but a lot changed since the first release on Steam and frankly it feels pretty good right now on a mid-level card and an older 8 core CPU I’m able to run it on ultra with 70 FPS which I’m pretty happy with.

DLC is fairly priced and is very different from the base game, giving you new worlds to explore cursed desert, alien, and soon post-apocalyptic Earth, not including the free maps like The Center and my personal favorite Ragnarok which brings a fantasy flavor to the Ark Survival game play.

And this is only the beginning.

Steam Workshop integration has done wonders for this title, you can find anything including some stuff you probably wish you didn’t find, the ability to add new dinosaurs, costumes, building pieces, mechanics and more help this game feel alive it’s one of the main reasons that the majority of the players play off the official servers and on private servers, there is just so much you can do to expand your play experience, due to the sponsored mod program the quality of modifications is often excellent and on par with the base game itself

A Whole new World.

There is a huge variety of things to do,exploring, taming dinosaurs,raiding rival tribes(PvP) building magnificent bases, ships and more the world is vast from the heights of the sky to the depth the ocean, you can travel anywhere and that feels really good, this game is not easy, but it’s not too difficult, that seems rather paradoxical, but really it’s not.

It doesn’t hold your hand

When you first start playing this game prepare to die a lot, everything will be a threat to you, you’ll find yourself running back and forth the beach looking for your body to reclaim your gear, the feeling of being the king of all men will vanish at time,s like when you find yourself victim to over aggressive dodo but then you hit the Turning Point you will no longer be the prey but the Predator from fleeing raptors to racing towards t-rexes, you will become the Ultimate Predator.

Worth a Buy?

Those people who bought it in early access, you had a bargain I was one of those people and I feel privileged to have been here from day one, the current price tag is beefy but at steam sales it’s insanely good value, the deluxe version with the season pass included is under £22, for a game that could very well give you three to five thousand hours of content.

Closing Notes

I have friends who have over 4000 hours on Ark and they still find things to do PVP, PvE, Or Role-play there something for everyone.

Ark Survival has been among the top played games on Steam for two years, just think about that it’s not lost his slot in the top 10 in two years, this game will continue to progress and do well, I actually hope they add more DLC after season pass ends, I would gladly buy a season 2 pass, developers listen to feedback and while they’re not perfect they do implement community suggestions.


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