PUBG Event Pass Sanhok : What a Load of ….

PUBG Event Pass Sanhok : What a Load of ….
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Copy Cat at its worst.

Fortnite is huge, everyone wants to be Fortnite and you can’t really blame them, Can PlayerUnknown battleground really pull off a event pass that people want to play? possibly, but their first event pass is frankly hysterical, I don’t even mind losing the £7 I paid on it, the XP gain is chronically slow, play a match in the top 10, take out a bunch of enemies and you get 20xp, that is until you hit the daily cap originally  of 80xp which is now been raised to a “generous” 120xp points a day, 400 points needed per level they expect you to be buying levels from the store for $5/five levels and the cosmetics are not even that good.

So PuBG Sucks?

PuBG has come a long way from when it launched, originally I wasn’t too impressed, but now I gotta admit with the optimization changes, better server, and networking the game is solid, I enjoy it, I play it, and I recommend it to others, but this event pass I could never recommend, broken dailies, broken weeklies, slow EXP gain means you basically buy nothing, you buy a pie in the Sky promise to get some cool stuff cosmetics which you will probably not going to be able to earn without buying level ups, this is bad.

The developers should man up apologize & refund purchases for the event pass and try again, this current iteration is frankly pathetic, with decent XP gain I would have gladly bought a pass every month, that would have been $120 a year just from me, my friends would have bought it  also, bringing the tally to $3,000 just from us, and how many other people would do the same? perhaps millions.

Slow down Speedy

Look at Fortnite, it has grossed over 300 million in the last 60 days, PuBG is trying to get a quick cash grab, and is alienating gamers world wide, look up forums, Reddit, Facebook comments, people feel this event pass is a scam and it pretty much it is, it is basically paying for the privilege of buying levels to level up to get a booty shorts.

Worth Playing?

PuBg is worth playing without a doubt, it’s fantastic, this event pass should be skipped entirely, send a message to Bluehole we will not buy your garbage, we want quality, we want fairness, we want value for money.

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