, Is Life is Feudal Forest Village, Worth Playing ?

Is Life is Feudal Forest Village, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery

What can I say? It’s a slightly prettier Banished, the gameplay isn’t bad, but it isn’t amazing, the graphics are ok, but they’re not fantastic, the user interface is ripped right from Banished, it feels 95% the same the game.

So If I own Banished?

Due to being 95% the same if you own Banished, there is no reason to purchase this game.

If you don’t own Banished this game has a few good points that Banished does not have such as the Viking Raids and City Defenses, both titles are good simulations and feel very much like watching an Ant Farm, you place some buildings, and you watch, and watch.. and watch… once the village has an economy, there is almost nothing to do ever again.

Not much of a game, but a decent simulation.

To me a game requires interactivity, and this game does not require your interaction once the village has started, when Villagers have food, supplies and basic clothing they don’t need you anymore, you could go off mow the lawn, wash the cat, or eat pizza and they would carry on quite happily without you

So its garbage?

Do I think it’s a bad game? no it’s boring, but in a good way, it’s relaxing and the type of game you load up for 5 minutes here in there and you let your villagers go about their lives, I feel like this would be the type of game that would be better that you could leave it running while you’re offline and you come back to see what changed, maybe face a crisis or two, as it stands now gameplay is roughly 70-80% doing nothing, and that’s not a game, I can have almost as much interactivity channel hopping

You are being harsh!

Am I overly harsh on this game? I don’t think so. I feel that it’s trying to reinvent Banished, a title which already filled this niche genre.

Is it worth a Play?

Maybe if you like simulation type games with little interactivity, would pick up banished instead, its cheaper and feels more complete.

Bonus Round.

Have you noticed how many times I said the word Banished? I am tired of saying it, but I’m going to say three more times just to make sure you get the point, Banished, Banished, Banished.

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