, Is Battle Royale: Survivors, Worth Playing ?

Is Battle Royale: Survivors, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

This is where the fun begins…

I don’t say this too often about games as I believe people are often far too hard on indie developers, but Battle Royale: Survivors is absolutely rubbish.

Camera & Controls act drunk at best and impossible at worst, the combat often set my camera spinning around in a dizzying fashion,

The cone of vision mechanic is interesting, but it’s kind of ridiculous at the same time, real people easily see objects to their left or right, not in Battle Royale: Survivors! If you are touching shoulders with someone, you can’t see them at all.

So its all garbage?

The overall concept is a decent one, isometric Battle Royale is new, and frankly, we need innovation in the Battle Royale genre, right now a lot of people are just trying to copy Fortnite and PuBG, so innovation is welcome.

The problem isn’t the concept, instead the execution, it’s terrible, I went through an entire round using only in knife and defeated people with assault rifle and SMGs, the moment I swapped to an SMG with a pretty decent aim I wasn’t able to hit the broadside of a barn, even when barrel of the rifle was to the other players chest, the hit mechanics are off the wall and feel poorly design.

Dull matches

The majority of the match it was me and 3 other guys with baseball bats running around in circles it just didn’t feel exciting when I finally encountered people with armour and guns, they didn’t last very long, my first opponent had an SMG and assault rifle, and I defeated him in melee range, he landed exactly one hit to me, despite firing point-blank into my chest 12 shots.

The second gun-wielding player I encountered had a shotgun, yet pretty much the same thing happened again, this guy was lucky enough to hit me twice, but still while stood right in front of the shotgun, I won using only a knife.

Changing it up a bit.

Deciding to test myself whether it was these people having Potato aim or the weapons were just no good, I loaded up an assault rifle and headed out after the final player, when found I landed 6-10 hit’s on him and still he won…using a knife.

Worth a Play?

Overall I would say this game is not worth playing, it has a tiny user base, the matches I took part in had under 7 people, that’s right there were only 7 people in the EU queuing for this game when I played, 7 people in a game that advertises matches of 25 to start and have 100 when fully released, this game will never reach full release, it’s just not good enough.


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