, Is Seeds of Resilience, Worth Playing ?

Is Seeds of Resilience, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Feels like we have been here before.

Unity Early Access Survival Games are a dime a dozen, and frankly, they usually suck, I had yet to find a Unity Survival Game (excluding Rust) which was actually any good, that is until now.

Something New.

Seeds of resilience are not your standard survival game, you don’t craft yourself grass pants, and you don’t run around picking up things with E instead, it uses a turn-based formula which his rather unique and works surprisingly well.

Starting off with a group of three survivors you’ll have to build shelter, find a source of food, as well as developing the island to sustain fellow survivors who show up every few turns if you are not prepared their arrival can bring starvation and death to your small struggling colony.

Very Much in Early Access.

Right now there isn’t a campaign mode, and the two survival maps are pretty small, and by small I need you can fit them basically in 2 scrolls of your screen, so we’re talking about a very small compared to most turn-based games.

But honestly, that’s ok, because there’s a lot to do in a very little area it is a challenge, while the game may not have immense longevity, due to randomised events it keeps feeling fresh,

My Sad Story.

Having finally built a shelter and controlling a few sources of food I felt I was doing well only for a storm to come to destroy my shelter and kill one of my settlers suddenly all I had built was gone I’m starting fresh, that is worse than fresh, now my settlers are wounded, hungry and tired, and that’s really good, the game doesn’t feel like it’s holding your hand and that’s something no one really wants in this type of game.

Yeah but… how is it?

The graphics are very much a generic turn-based game, so you are not going to find anything amazing, the art style is decent, the sound is decent, the controls are decent, a classic indie title it will not stand out in these aspects, it doesn’t fail in any of them either.

Worth a Purchase?

If you like turned based games or survival games you will enjoy this, its a very challenging game that reminds me of the rogue-lite genre in difficulty.

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