, Is 60 Seconds, Worth Playing ?

Is 60 Seconds, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

60 Seconds is a good game on paper, the concept of quickly grabbing items and then surviving in a post-apocalyptic future with them is fun, the graphics are great, the gameplay on paper sounds amazing, the problem is….. it doesn’t actually work.

I heard you like RNG, so I put some RNG in your RNG.

The game relies heavily on random events, and I mean to the point you can stock up on food and a random event takes it all and then you die, a random event drain your water, kills your family members etc.

The main problem with 60 seconds is the entire game is a series of random events. It sucks to have a 50% chance of dying even when you do everything right, that’s just not very rewarding, everything about the game feels rushed and not thought through.

You just hate change!

Don’t get me wrong. I like random events. I am a huge supporter of random events in games. The problem comes when those events have no logic; they do not fairly reward the player or punish the player they simply happen over and over and over every turn.

Worth a play?

Perhaps you made a terrible mistake and didn’t collect enough food, good luck the random event gives you food, or perhaps you made all the right choices, and a bad luck event takes it all if it doesn’t feel rewarding and I can’t recommend anyone plays it.


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