, Is Crossout, Worth Playing ?

Is Crossout, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Crossout is one of those games that almost no one knows about, that is with the exception of your finger clicking, indie love, vegan friends, the type of people who like to watch French-language movies and abhor anything mainstream, they probably heard about it, however just because they like it doesn’t mean it’s not good, it’s very much a niche game with mainstream appeal.

A journey of a thousand steps begins with one.

I first played crossover back in the very first day of closed beta, and I was impressed even back then, coming back to the game now nearly two years later I am very impressed, the graphics, sound, and combat are fantastic, the controls of fluid, the matchmaking is fast, the servers provide very low latency.

A few tricks up its sleeve.

PVP games normally struggle with player retention,  if there aren’t a lot of people online there’s nothing to do, Crossout solved this problem by dropping in bots to fill lower activity time,s bots which could be swapped out at a moments notice by a real player , this helped to keep the game feeling alive even during the quiet early days.

Crossout also boasts a very impressive PVE mode for this type of game, with group raid and objective style matches, allowing players who wish to avoid abhor PvP combat a way to enjoy the building and combat aspects of the game still.

Also, there is a Player vs AI version of the Battle mode, for those who wish a pve experience that follows the same ruleset as the main Battle (PvP) mode.

Madder than Mad Max.

It’s basically Mad Max, and that’s great, the customization for the cars is amazing, you can do almost anything you want and make your vehicle unique to you, not say that everything you do works, some of my builds performed comically bad, such as a truck which constantly spins out of control at even the slightest nudge.

Crossout offers an in-depth crafting system, allowing you to break down parts you don’t need and craft new items, in addition to crafting, there is a player-driven auction house, allowing you to both buy and sell parts.

Empty Wasteland or Thriving Wasteland?

The Steam ccu is between 2000 to 4000 on an average day, considering there’s an external client which most likely is used by the majority of the player base you are looking a ccu closer to 8-15k, very decent for this type of game.

Worth a Play?

Crossout is worth a play, it is free to play so you have nothing to lose and you will certainly get a lot of enjoyment out of it if only to play the building and pve aspects.

Closing Notes

I feel it’s the of type game that benefits from a little investment, I suggest buying one of the smaller packs, to begin with, to give yourself  a small selection of starting items and customize your vehicle to suit your play style, My personal favourite pack is The Wasteland Warrior at around £22.50 it is fantastic value for money and supports developers who produced and maintain a very decent  auto-combat game, a genre which is not that catered to anymore.

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