Review: Dungeons and Dragons Online : Gaming like its 1999

Dungeons and Dragons Online is excessively dated, without doubt, it is a relic from the last decade, however just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s not good, in many ways, it’s the opposite a lot of the mechanics provide a depth and level of detail rarely seen in many newer MMORPGs.

The Depth of the lore is what attracted me to this game when an MMO survives over a decade and still receives updates. It is always worth a look by any MMORPG fan.

Those eyes, those dead empty eyes…

I’ll begin off with character models they look really poor. This is the same company that brought us, Lord of the Rings Online, LOTRO had character models than this before its character model update in 2017.

NPC character models are hit and miss. Some look much better than player characters and others… Yeesh… do they even have mirrors?!.

Creativity abounds.

While character models are not the greatest, customisation is pretty good for an MMO from this era. It’s more than you would get in games like WoW though not as much as you get in games like Black Desert Online.

Hush students class in session.

There’s a wide range of classes and subclasses available to play, and I really felt all of them had something to offer, they felt authentic to the intellectual property, being one which is beloved by tens of millions of people worldwide and has been cherished for over 40 years ,that’s quite a legacy to uphold and Turbine/StandingStoneGames have done pretty well with it, the game while not immensely active, still feels active with a dedicated core community and a slow but steady trickle of new players it won’t vanish anytime soon..

Fight me!

The combat is clearly showing the signs of age, it’s a pretty good mixture of action-based and skill-based combat whoever, and that is something that most games didn’t have for five to ten years after this was first launched, it was ahead of the curve in this aspect.

Love covers a multitude of sins.

LOTRO and DDO have one thing in common and that is a dedicated fan base, people who struck through the years and still enjoy the game today, not many MMORPG can say that, especially small team MMO, one major reason for this is the attention to detail and the Lore of the IP, it is easy enough to jump in yet deep enough that it makes me want to know more about the world and the Lore which governs it.

Worth a Play in 2018?

I always say that a good game doesn’t necessarily need great graphics and that’s true with DDO, it’s a fantastic game with very bad graphics, but looking past the graphics you’ll find deep, immersive lore, and a friendly community, which after 12 years still offers active endgame content, I believe anyone who is interested in the lore and wants to experience a mature MMORPG will find this game rewarding.

Platforms: PC

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