1# Idiots Guide to Star Trek: The Original Series.

1# Idiots Guide to Star Trek: The Original Series.
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Boldly going where no man has gone before.

Star Trek a series about a group of middle aged men who spend most of their life looking dramatically at each other while speaking in SciFiesque nerd speak, the concept of the show is a exploration vessel going deep into the unknown of space on b 5 year mission of discovery, along the way they run into plenty of adventure.. adventure normally taking the form of scantily clad alien women or enemy threats that can be defeated one of two ways, 1) Hand to hand with William Shatner 2) by firing geekdom’s slowest weapon, the Phaser.

Death by Color.

In Star Trek we are blessed with a Color Coded Death probability system, every position of the crew wears a different colour, the colours denote their role on the ship in canon, outside of canon they help fans know who will die!

  • Green shirt: Worn by Captain Kirk when he wants to show off his manly chest, Chance of Death: 0%
  • Yellow shirt: Worn by Captain Kirk , Mr Sulu, and Chekov, as well as many cameo ranking officers, Chance of Death: 5%
  • Blue shirt: Worn by Spock and Dr Bones, the colors of the Science and Medical officers, Chance of Death: 20%
  • Red shirt: Worn by many characters, unless your name appeared in the credits, Chance of Death: 99%

Kiss me Lady

Kirk was a ladies man, and that lead to some firsts in American TV, including the first interracial kiss, as Captain Kirk kissed Comm’s Officer Uhura.

Epic Bro-mance

The show also first allowed us the epic bro-mance between Spock and Kirk, a bro-mance that would survive even death itself, 52 years later the relationship still exists even in the vastly inferior reboots.

A triumph of Geekdom

The show is cheesy, campy and full of 1960’s scifiesque babble, but it is worth a watch for any geek, while the original series ended too soon, its legacy continues today, with multiple Movies,TV series, Video Games, Novels,Toys and Even Complete Reboots.


Image Credits: https://www.deviantart.com/sacredlugia/art/Star-Trek-Actors-375580842

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