, Is Aion, Worth Playing ?

Is Aion, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

For your mental well-being and full enjoyment, please imagine this review sung to the tune of get another boyfriend.

Baby, you gotta hear me out.

So Aion, its the type of MMO few of your friends even heard about, let alone played, I did a poll among my gaming guild, we all love MMO, and only ONE person had ever heard about or played Aion, yes 1 single player from a large guild that is over 10 years old at this point.

Do you want to be the last to know what it all about?

Somehow this gem of an MMORPG, with a bustling community, gorgeous graphics, excellent mechanics, and a soundtrack that feels like something ripped right from a blockbuster has flown under the radar for many people, playing at 8 am on an EU server I counted 71 new players in the starting zone, they were chatting in /say he;ping each other, emoting and eternally having a blast, 71 new people all under level 5, that is some impressive stats to be certain, on a single server!

Let’s talk about what Aion did.. to become your number one.

  • Fantastic customisation: I was seriously impressed by the huge array of options to customise my character, it is very much a Ncsoft mmo, they know how to give great character models, and Aion is no exception.
  • Excellent choice of classes: there are a good number of classes to choose from, which includes two subclasses for every parent class, giving players a chance to tune their class to match their play style finely.
  • A good Free2Play Model: Aion offers an excellent free to play model that doesn’t make free players feel like peasants.

Whooooaaa stop acting like you given up.

Aion is a solid game with a massive update coming in the form of 6.0 which will bring massive changes to almost every aspect of the game, its a great time to hop in now, and get established in the community, Aion will be around for many years to come, and is worth investing in.

Good GAME!

It’s an excellent game, and one I suggest playing, and personally, it is one which I will be putting money into, as I want to support such an excellent title in a sea of average F2P MMO.

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