Fortnite Season 5: Where we dropping Boys?!

Fortnite Season 5: Where we dropping Boys?!
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Tilted Towers Empty?!

With the many new map changes in S5 its not surprising we would see a few days with less population dropping at the beloved TT, but no one?! yet that is right i played 2 squad matches with some randoms and there were exactly 4 people at Titled, my 3 squad-mates and I.. this is worthy of a mention.. could Paradise Palms, the “new Titled Towers” in the East be the drop of choice for suicidal squads in S5, only time will tell?

Vikings… it had to be Vikings..

Season 5 has brought us a bounty of viking goodness, with 2 male vikings and a female viking, a viking themed pickaxe and glider, the time vortex theme of season 5 has brought us some impressive new landmarks, gone is the moisty mire, its been replaced with a desert that offers both new and wild west style decor, i hope as the season progresses we see more and more wild west additions and perhaps a LTM with revolvers and hunting rifles.. a boy can dream right?!

Mario Kart: Fortnite Edition

Season 5 brought 4 seater golf carts,.. do i need to say anymore how awesome this is? its like Mario Karts meets GTA V, they allow for some fantastic storm rescues, and daring escape,s a fantastic addition to an already solid season.

SMG me you Double pumper!

S4 and S5 brought many changes to the meta, from nerfing double pumps, removing tactical smg, adding new smg in form of tommy gun and new sub machine gun variants, new grenades poison grenades, first shot changes, twin pistols and more, season 5  meta is very different from season 3 meta and its honestly for the better.

As always the battle pass provided fantastic value, and gave us loads of new emotes, dances, skins, sprays, and more, one of the best value season/event passes on the market.


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