, Is The Black Death, Worth Playing  in 2018?

Is The Black Death, Worth Playing in 2018?

Platforms: PC

It’s dead, and valiant efforts won’t save it.

To begin with I want to praise the developers for sticking with what can only be described as a dying game, having been unable to break 100 people online in near a year and having only once surpassed 150 in 2+ years the game is a flop from a financial perspective.

Despite this clear failure to launch the developers have continued to try and make the game better for those who bought it, and while their efforts won’t save the game, it shows they are dedicated, honourable and sincere, 3 qualities which will see them go far, I wish them better success in future titles.

Started on the wrong foot and just got worse.

The game was never awful, while it was rough and buggy as all alpha launches the real killer was too many people trying to login to servers that couldn’t handle it, most ended up refunding or outright if refund wasn’t an option quitting, and the negative reviews stacked up and right then the game was doomed, games with massive negative reviews rarely recover, one of the few cases of such a recovery was No Mans sky, but that is the exception to the rule.

Odd Sense of Justice.

I must admit I was bored and punched a guard, he flew back like 15 foot, from a beggars slap, he chased me for ten-ish seconds and then nothing.. pushing my luck I one punched every vendor to death and every NPC I could find.. and nothing… no guards came after me… I then did a terrible thing… I drank ale without paying and.. had a bounty put on my head.. yep murdering the bartender, and all were cool.. but ale drinking?! Death!

Worth a buy?

No, while dedicated/private roleplay communities will undoubtedly go on in some form, I cannot see the devs being able to keep the official server sup for very long without more revenue, it would be unfair to expect them to do so, as while it failed, they did everything in their power to save it.

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