, Lets Talk About: The Mess that is Bless Online.

Lets Talk About: The Mess that is Bless Online.

Platforms: PC

You don’t mix some things for fear of an adverse reaction. Some prime examples are Steam early access + MMORPGs. Another is entitled cry babies + poor quality community managers, Bless Online in its short life managed both of these.

Players and Devs are equally to blame.

Bless could have been something truly special, while it suffered a multitude of optimization issues and some truly terrible translation problems, so did Black Desert Online when it launched (off steam), yet due to launching off steam it was not swarmed with negative reviews by 10 minute players, entitled cry babies, and trolls.

NO you have no right to a refund if you got bored after 100+ hours, GROW UP, seriously its embarrassing to see players whine about a game not being worth the money with 3 and sometimes 4 digit playtimes.

They Withheld Content.

The Devs should have provided a bug free experience, but they were 100% right to stagger the content, releasing a game from one region to another need this, otherwise you obsolete content before it is even played, taking WoW for example, if it was to release in a new region suddenly, should it launch at Battle for Azeroth?

And kill every endgame before it for players? Of course not. You would be robbing the players of the ability to experience the game as it was intended.

This is why we can’t get nice things.

Bless has suffered from a cadre of insufferable trolls from before it even launched their entire existence seems dedicated to trashing a game they don’t even like?

When I find a game I don’t like.. I JUST MOVE-ON, it’s healthy to let go and move on.. all this pent up anger isn’t good for them or the steam community.

The devs did fail in several areas, the release was about nine months too early, the client was glitchy as heck for the first week, and they should not have launched on steam till well after beta ended, between the toxic community and the released too soon aspects Bless online is unlikely to recover.

Is Bless good or bad?

Bless simply was not polished enough for a Steam release there are many intelligent and well-reasoned people on steam sadly there seems an equal or greater amount of crybabies who don’t grasp basic concepts like Beta, Early access or alpha.

Worth a play?

Right now I cannot recommend a play, despite the game being decent, there simply isn’t much hope for a game when it has such a small player base and such a dedicated hate cadre.

Will it Survive?

Hard to say, while smaller population MMO (Riders of Icarus) have survived, it’s not common for a game with such bad press and a tiny user base to last very long.

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