Review: The Misfits – Dismal Low CCU yet High Fun? PC

Let’s start as we mean to go on.

The Misfits is a game in alpha, the CCU is beyond tiny with most times of the day being under 10 people, and peak ccu often falling around 30-40, yet I have to say I LOVE this game, the gunplay, the art style, the game rules, Its merely good, the combat is super fast and simple, and reminds me of the shooters of the ’90s, except in third vs the first person.

I played a few matches at 5 am in the morning, mostly the same people in every lobby due to low CCU, yet I still had a blast, the weapons all feel fantastic, and the map design while super simple is very well thought out, with plenty of ambush points and chokes on every map.

Worth a play?

It’s free so go ahead, it’s tiny and ever-changing due to alpha state, but right now I don’t think any shooter fan would regret giving it a try.



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