, Is Fractured Space, Worth Playing  in 2018?

Is Fractured Space, Worth Playing in 2018?

Platforms: PC

Boldly going where no man has gone before.

Fractured Space is one of the most polished and well-developed failures in steams recent history, if any game deserved to do well it was this one, and yet far from doing well, the game has struggled to break 350 peak CCU in recent months, matchmaking times are often measured in the 10s of minutes vs minutes and its only peaked over 1k once in near 2 years, for a game with 500k+ early access registered users, there surely must be a massive problem with the game for it to have such a low ccu? or maybe not.

The most realistic multi-user fleet simulation ever.

Incredible graphics, decent mechanics, great sound design, a very fair free to play system, a wide choice of ships, on paper there is no reason for Fractured space to have failed the way it did.

Developers deserve a medal.

With such low CCU, and having lost over 99.9332% its user base (basing on the 500k users figure, its probably even higher % by now) you would not blame the developers for leaving this game to rot, and yet the developers continue to push out new content, even launching a new co-op campaign mode, allowing PVE to go beyond simple player vs bot missions.

So if it’s so good, why is it failing?

The game was the opening volley of a possible genre, a Space Moba that focused on capital ships sounded amazing in principle and was executed about as well as possible the problem is.. it seems the genre wasn’t one gamer wanted or embraced.

Worth a play?

There is plenty of free solo content to keep you busy, but the overall long term survival of the game I would question, it never managed to attract a large user base, and with upcoming titles in the genre it could lose some of what it has already.

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