Geek Issues #1 : Fans Hating on Fandoms

Geek Issues #1 : Fans Hating on Fandoms
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Don’t be a jerk

It’s human nature to have differing opinions, yet how we handle those differences make the difference between being  jerks or geeks, and yes i do not believe jerks can be true geeks, where is the brotherly/sisterly Geek bond when we tear people apart for enjoying a show/game we no longer enjoy? move along.. its healthy!

I can feel your anger..

Just look at the reddits for The Walking Dead,Fear the Walking Dead,Star Wars,Almost every MMO ever and you will see a common trend, people are near bullied for liking the very content the Reddit is about, Yes we get it you hate Scott Gimple, or don’t enjoy World of Warcraft warfronts, yes we understand you preferred the mostly white male Star Wars of the 1970s, while its comical, we get you think having a female lead in Star Wars is somehow rampant feminism, while having 6 movies with multiple male leads was not chauvinistic.

It is what it is.

For the Record I no more think 1-6 were chauvinistic than i think 7-9 are feminist, a story doesn’t need to be a certain colour, gender or age, a good story has the characters it requires to tell the tale, be it all white men or all non-white women, or whatever mix of colours, ages, and genders, the story needs what it needs.

Reddit Syndrome

Social Media is to blame, specially Reddit, while i love Reddit its become a toxic hell hole, i have seen someone get 100+ downvotes for saying they enjoyed an episode of The Walking Dead season 8, while someone saying they hate the same episode gets them dozens of upvotes, the voting systems isn’t for shared opinions its supposed to highlight good content and hide bad, just because someone has a conflicting view of a show doesn’t mean they don’t have a right for their content to be seen.

Show a little maturity.

Live and let live, if you like season 1-3 of Fear the walking Dead enjoy that, but do you need to constantly hate on those who enjoy 1-4? if you only like the 4-6 star wars episodes great enjoy those, talk about your love for those movies, why bash on those who enjoy the whole saga? if you no longer like game x, then leave the sub-reddit for it, why try and ruin the fun of those who enjoy it?

No better way to say it.

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:12

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