, Is Dead by Daylight, Worth Playing  in 2018?

Is Dead by Daylight, Worth Playing in 2018?

Platforms: PC XBox One

It’s sick, revolting, and a lot of fun.

I can say the game is mechanically and graphically excellent, the DLC model is fair the maps are very well mad,e the atmosphere is fantastic, the wide arrange of killers and survivors is excellent to keep game fresh, I can not say it’s a pretty game, as most maps are some variation of horrible place you would never want to be in, the models however look great and the maps are extremely well designed and interactive.

Not for everyone.

The game is gruesome, and many people will find it overly so, While I find it a lot of fun, it’s not a nice game or a relaxing one, its high pressure and honestly revolting, but that adds to the game’s appeal, don’t go into this expecting left for dead level scary, its a truly horrific game made for adults.

Bonus trivia: Several Left for Dead characters appear in Dead by Daylight! So a plus for fans of that series!

Worth a buy?

Having reached just its Max CCU peak (over 62k players online at once during September 2018) over 2 years after release (June 2016), Dead by Daylight is clearly a well-loved game, with a average CCU that has remained around 25-35k at peak and 15-20k off-peak, the game provides near-infinite playtime, with fast matchmaking and a wide selection of both base and DLC characters you will have many hundreds of hours fun from a game that often goes on sale for less than £10

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