Review: PlanetSide 2 : the One Daybreak game people don’t hate. PC

The War goes on as long as men hate.

Six years is no small task for a free to play shooter, but Planetside two has almost done it, with its 6th birthday just a few weeks away from it’s ageing well!

How is it looking?

Graphics, weapon design and map design are all fair to good, very much an older AAA title, but AAA none the less, the combat is smooth and lightning fast with a wide array of load-outs and specialisation providing countless hours of replayability.

Much to Do?

The addition of Vehicles and stationary defences help lend to the feeling you are in a war, stakes are high and with the territory being claimed and lost 24/7 today’s war front may be tomorrows home front!

Many people around?

While the exact player count is unknown steam alone shows the 1-2k average, with others playing the standalone client it’s safe to at least double that, while it’s not massive I was able to find 25v25 fights consistently.

Jump right into the action.

A game like this can often devolve into run to battle, 5 mins later arrive, die, respawn, runs back and repeat, and frankly, that is boring, in PlanetSide 2 you can teleport right to the nearest hot spot and begin fragging and pwning noobs! Like it’s 1999!

Worth a play?

While the engine is dated, the game is still active at all times of the day, especially if you play from the EU, its free to play for standard access and is available as part of the Daybreak All Access Pass, a fantastic multi-game subscription which gives you perks in all daybreak games that offer premium membership, all for a single subscription cost!

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