Dino D-Day : The music was the best part and even that was awful.

Dino D-Day : The music was the best part and even that was awful.
What Went Wrong? PC

This will be a quick review as frankly this game was so bad i almost didn’t even want to review it, yet a game this bad deserves a review, it’s almost a masterpiece of poor game craftmanship, with terrible combat, awful gun handling, dismal models and terrible map design the game brings together all that is wrong about small team indie games in one revolting package.

That sweet Beat.

The best part seriously was the music, and the music was awful, at least however it caused me to laugh out loud for real, it was so out-of-place and badly balanced volume wise that i just wanted to bask in its reverberations.

Last one out locks the door.

Almost no one plays this, which is a testament to good taste, the game is just awful, using a sniper scope was like trying to arm wrestle a cow, the guns felt more like turning riverboats than agile weaponry, it does have goats to shoot however for the terrible people among us.

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