Review: Don’t Starve, Alone or Together! PC

So much alike, decided to review these together!

Yes, its kinda cheating but Don’t Starve series is pretty much the same game, while the together has improvement, both share a lot of the same good points, so we shall review together!.

Playing Alone.. eat your cookies!

Random generated maps, ability to save whenever you want, no one to steal your pine cones, Don’t starve is perfect for those who are anti-social or cannot play very often, the cookie art style is very much horror lite and feels like Tim Burton movies turned into video game form, you will enjoy the accessible controls and simple to learn crafting system, all the while surviving long term will take skill, making the game one for both casual and hardcore gamer.

Playing with others.. share your cookies!

All the same as above, but now you can play with friends or strangers, and have people to fight alongside against the darkness, and people to steal that pinecone you wanted… GIVE ME BACK THE PINECONE TROY!

Worth a buy.

It’s a lot of fun and provides a slightly surreal 2D survival experience that is unique, the developers care about the game and have continued to improve it, its reasonably priced and has a decent CCU of 6k peak average, pretty astounding for a game of this genre and art style.

Worth a purchase at steam sales to be certain, but at any time you won’t regret the purchase!

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