Whats the Matter with Rend?

Whats the Matter with Rend?
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Its dead..

Sorry didn’t want to be so blunt, but its true, I stand by my previous review it had more promise than any survival game in recent memory, however promise isn’t substance and we will look at what killed the game.

Banking on a Risk.

The reason Rend has failed is 2 interconnected issues, and the first and greatest is they banked on a risk, by large and far players are too selfish, stupid or unwilling to work as a team, while not all players fall into these 3 groups, the vast majority of servers had considerable players from these groups, and only a few is needed to ruin everyone’s fun.

On Fortnite the 50v50 mode is supposed to be a team vs team mode, yet some of the worst players i have countered have been on my own team, from intentionally destroying ramps, bases and forts, to actually tossing grenades and rockets at team mates, i have been pushed away from chests despite being unarmed and my team mate having a full loadout and all this can happen in a single match, often such conduct costs the entire team the Win!

Wait why are we talking about Fortnite?

Why we took a merry little walk there down memory lane was for one main reason, players are selfish and will put themselves first at the cost of winning as a team, and Rend didn’t address this in time, which brings us to the second point

Devs reacted too slow to griefers and trolls, and the community hemorrhaged before they even managed to put a bandage on it, from a solid first week of consistent growth to sub 300 players Rend is unlikely to ever be more than a small indie title and that is if it manages to survive at all.

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