Miscreated: A Surprisingly Good Creation.

Miscreated: A Surprisingly Good Creation.
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Do not Cry, for it is Cry engine.

CryEngine is a fantastic engine for open world games and Miscreated utilizes it to a great degree, while the map design is admittedly rather dull, it’s very much a standard landscape from our world, as the game is one of grounded realities, it makes sense the map does not have the more interesting and fantastical locales found in games like Day Z and 7 Days to Die.

Graphics while not astonishing are very well done, the world is far prettier than the character models which are rather average.

The Grit we were missing.

Survival is supposed to be rough, if the world ended you better bet you would be eating dog food, most survival games feel too fluffy, where you dine off deer stakes and beer, no no that is for losers in Miscreated you get dang excited when you have a chance to eat a rotten piece of meat or a can of canned meat (we know its cat food!) off a shelf, it’s the barley surviving type survival game that the genre needs,

Combat isn’t that important right?

Combat in Miscreated feels rather Wonky, CryEngine is fantastic for shooter games but melee combat always falls short in games not 100% dedicated to the combat style, Miscreated is no exception the melee looks and feels terrible and i hope the animations and controls will be touched up before leaving early access.

Where Am I, Who am i what am I doing?

Miscreated needs a tutorial, either via in-game quest chain or some sort of video guide, as it stand sit would be very daunting for players new to the survival genre offering little to no advice on how to do even the most basic of things.

Worth a buy?

The game is exceptionally good value for money, and provides some of the most authentic post apocalyptic survival experience you can find on the PC, while it does not have the scope of Day Z nor the Polish of Ark survival evolved, it hold sits own as a very solid survival game and one which you will not regret purchasing.


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