Call of Duty Black Ops 4: We all knew it was going to be good, but THIS Good?!

Call of Duty Black Ops 4: We all knew it was going to be good, but THIS Good?!
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Its better than Black Ops 2 and that takes some doing.

Black Ops 2 has earned itself the honor of having one of the longest runs of any CoD game, with a community that is still active 24/7 6 years from release!, while not massive, with a peak of 3k CCU  after 6 years BL2 has a community roughly on par with that of 2017’s Cod WW2!

If you have a Pc that can run it you will find the gameplay silky smooth, and from about 50 games i only had a few seconds of lag total, which may have even been from my end, overall the games latency is very good, and server performance is smooth and solid.

I don’t actually miss the campaign.

While Call of Duty games have always had a pretty decent singleplayer story, personally I have not missed it at all in BL4, that being said if the single player campaign was very important to you or a huge part of the reason you enjoy Call of Duty, then its absence may be something that could mark this title as a miss for you, while the cut scene still stories you get at the HQ are very good, they are no replacement for the campaigns of previous Black Ops titles.

So much to do.

From the large scale Battle Royale mode of Blackout, which in my opinion is the best first person BR on the market and second bets BR overall (sorry but Fortnite is still the best) to the Co-Op action of Zombies mode providing one of the best 4 player co-op experiences on the pc, to the fast and frantic run and gun of the Favorite CoD modes from TDM to Heist there is something for everyone, no matter your time commitment or experience level.

Worth a purchase?!

I feel this Call of Duty has the most chance for longevity since Black Ops 2, the wide array of game play modes with more maps and modes to come will provide a long term enjoyment, also not being on steam you are free from the troll reviews and over entitled manbabies who flock to the steam forums for every Call of Duty.

Well worth a purchase, and for those that can afford it I suggest getting the season pass also.

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