Out of Reach or Out of Touch?

Out of Reach or Out of Touch?
Early Access, Survival Games PC

Unity engine.. we know where this is going..

Rust did well on the unity engine because it was the first true survival game on steam, that and the mechanics implemented by developers were of a high quality, Unity as an engine sucks and honestly it always come off looking as cheap unless in expect hands, and while the devs can try to dress up this pig, unity is a pig in a black dress, kinda sexy if you squint but overall its a pig in a dress.

As with most unity games, it has janky animations, poor mechanics and almost no player base, the devs did their best and hung on far longer than most would, but apart from a handful of die-hard fans the game is gone and will not be coming back.

No female characters… yep same direction..

Survival games are the perfect couples and role players games, they stay behind long after the fad players and trending players vanish, these are the bread and butter of the genre, the people who like to build a functioning settlement, well you don’t build a civilization with just men and as such every survival game which has delayed launching female characters, with exception of rust, has perished.. survival games need male and female characters to succeed, and those who delay the launch of female characters always suffer for it in the long run.

Over saturated market.. same way..

The survival market has many solid contenders, much like the Battle Royale market, there isn’t room for shoddy and half-baked indies anymore, and while the devs tried their best, there simply is no reason to play out of reach over its more solid and developed competitors.

In conclusion.

Out of reach is not worth buying, With games like Ark Survival and Conan exiles scratching the survival itch, and Rust and Scum for hard-core survival PVP, there isn’t much room for Out of Reach, even the Pirate theme is better served in games like Sea of Thieves and soon to release Skull and Bones by Ubisoft.

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