NeverWinter: Free but doesn’t Look it.

NeverWinter: Free but doesn’t Look it.
Massively Multiplayer Online PC

Looks like a AAA MMO from 5 years ago.

Neverwinter looks and plays like an AAA from 2013 and that’s not a bad thing, the game is over 5 years old and is performing well for its age, the community are active, development continues and the game generally feels alive for what i call a niche MMORPG, it will never challenge the big mmo, but is unlikely to vanish either, making enough to continue its development for the foreseeable future.

Looking Good, Feeling Good.

The character creator offers  a vast array of customization including some races not often seen in fantasy, alongside the more standard races of human, elf etc.

No more Rats

My personal favorite part of the game was the combat, it felt lightning fast and I felt powerful, something you rarely have from the start of a game, normally spending the first few hours of any mmo chasing rats and bears.

Made me want to play.

I try a lot of MMORPG and while i can find merit in many, often they never push me to actually want to play it myself, i can admire a fine piece of art without wanting to own it, and the same applies to most games i review, yet when I tried Neverwinter I wanted to play, the world, graphics and lore pulled me in, even the quest design and voice acting felt good, the combat was fluid and the world felt alive.

Worth a play?

If you are already well established in a large MMO like FF14, WoW or ESo then I doubt Neverwinter could pull you away, however if you are looking for a very good secondary MMO, i believe most MMORPG gamers would enjoy this title.


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