Life is Feudal: MMO vs Your Own

Life is Feudal: MMO vs Your Own
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Two games, basically the Same.

Life is Feudal games are basically the same, craft, shape the world, fight players, creatures, build things, look like a disease ridden peasant, get stuck in the landscape when you dig too deep, fall off cliffs, get stuck in landscape when you dig too deep, feel epic and powerful till you have your butt handed to you by a feral rodent.. get stuck in.. wait have i mentioned getting stuck in landscape yet?

Overall the developers have produced two very solid game,s but even solid games have flaws, and LiF is no exception.

Combat: Both Games.

Both games have captured the brutality of feudal age combat very well, combat is easy to pick up and a challenge to master, armor design is also authentic, no 6 ft wide should pads or chain-mail bikini here.

Gritty, Dirty, Real : Both Games

The world and the characters do not look like as spotless eastern mom, people, objects and the world itself looks worn and live din, perfect for the setting, the map while not ground breaking looks very authentic to the era and the character models while not jaw dropping are very good and will not distract from the game play, the games also offers male and female characters, which is very nice for a change.

Pay to Win? : MMO

This is often a violate topic but lets dive in feet first. yes the starter packs offer a rather beefy advantage vs players not having them from faster skill gains to cheaper storage costs premium subscription gives players an edge which is rather unfair, personally i feel a game based around PvP shouldn’t have such clear paid for advantages, while its not fully P2W its highly Pay for Advantage.

Toxic players: MMO.

In the reals world there are the type of jerks who love mugging little old ladies and beating up on innocents, well in MMO its no different, problem is in the real world such people are brought to justice, in MMO.. not so much, there are many players who just love wrecking the lives of player who simply want to build and farm, and unless you have a powerful clan to back you, prefer to start over.. repeatedly.

Worth a play?

for those who just want to live in a feudal world on their own or with friends/small group, i suggest Life is Feudal: Your Own, if you wish to be part of a larger world choose Life is Feudal:MMO, personally i feel the MMO while not massive is large enough to offer some pretty epic moments.


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