Review: L.A. Noire : Aged like Fine Wine PC

It’s showing its age but showing it well.

L.A. Noire is getting on in years, and despite relaunch and remasters today we focus on the Pc release, it’s not a cutting edge game graphic wise, but does it hold up in other areas?

Watch my eyes.. they are up here.

To me, the game is all about the investigation elements the combat, and car chase frankly bore me, as they feel unnecessary, I often use the auto drive feature as I don’t want to spend time driving when I could be sleuthing.

which brings me to the map and world design, its gorgeous, the locations you visit all look like they have been ripped from a 1920’s movie, the animation style graphical style they chose for the game also lends to the Noire tone of the title

Investigations are as in-depth as you make them, with some of the smallest clues fitting into the bigger picture in ways you would not expect, opening up a whole new avenue of leads that greatly expand upon the case you are working on.

Very Subtle.

While animation has significantly improved in the last few years, i have not seen any games which captured the nuanced facial expressions and body movements the way L.A. Noire, you find yourself watching the way the suspect behaves almost as much as you listen to what they are saying, the entire system feels incredibly authentic and very lifelike, adding significantly to the overall immersion of the gameplay.

Worth a Buy?

I fully support anyone purchasing this game, if this is the type of game they are after, while it is made by the third-person action RPG kings Rockstar the combat is rather mediocre and is far from GTA V or Max Payne, this game truly shines with the writing and investigation mechanics don’t go into it expecting a GTA V or Max Payne clone and you will thoroughly enjoy it.

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