, Is Warframe, Worth Playing ?

Is Warframe, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Warframe is very much like Destiny in an entirely different way… no that doesn’t make much sense, so hush up and let me finish.

Both games are loot focused shooters, and while they have different styles of combat (first vs third)and even a very different approach to Loot, they play out surprisingly similar in mission structure and overall mechanics.

Dying Side by Side.

The game is co-op, which as you know always earns big points in my book, I love being able to conquer challenges with friends and to be honest even with strangers, there is something extraordinary and inherently social about working toward a goal as a team.

Well, Rarely Dying…

Combat wise the speed of combat reminds me very much of the mid 2000s console games such as Jedi Outcast, you are made to feel powerful, and most enemies you face are little more than fuel to that awesomeness, this overall feel of being entirely OP is very reminiscent of Tera, another free to play title where you only ever think about dying when facing a boss.

Great to play, dull to watch.

Watching gameplay videos of warframe fail to capture how good the combat feels, as the game looks.. kinda dull.. not that its slow.. which it isn’t, nor is it devoid of the flashy bells and whistles.. it only looks.. repetitive.. but that is part of its beauty its the bubble wrap of free to play loot shooters, you just want to keep slashing and blasting, always hoping for that next epic drop.

Does this come with instructions?

Warframe takes a unique approach to a loot shooter, instead of getting whole weapons as loot, you get components and parts which you then use to craft your weapons, in this way the game borrows from the MMORPG genre which normally has a heavy focus on crafting.

Worth a play?

The game is excellent, there is no disputing that, the team have managed to keep it from becoming P2W (despite being slanted towards pay for convenience), they respond well to community feedback and have maintained a mostly flawless reputation among the wider audience, that being said personally for me it’s not a replacement for Destiny, it is excellent in its right.. but lacks the charm and magic which made Destiny a global sensation.

In Conclusion

Worth a play for fans of the genre, however, go into it knowing that unlike Buy to Play games (Destiny, Division etc.) there will be either a Large time or cash commitment to unlocking the endgame armour and items.

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