World of Diving : Don’t Reward Bad Behavior

World of Diving : Don’t Reward Bad Behavior
What Went Wrong? PC

Good Concept,Decent Execution.

The idea of a co op diving game that inst based around combat is a solid one, there are too few diving games as there is, and taking away the competitive pvp or story driven games and you are left with a handful of indies, so world of diving looked to be a big fish in a small pond, the graphics while dated are fair, the animations are decent underwater, terrible on land.. but that is more to do with its unfinished state, there are a fair selection of diving suits and gadgets and the maps are actually well made and feel immersive.

Poor Conduct.

So why is this game a failure? the answer is the developers, they have basically vanished, not fulfilling their promises, development has come in fits and starts since 2014, and even that shaky development vanished in 2017, with little chance of a return its clear they have left this fish to flounder.

Worth a buy?

No, while the game is alright, you shouldn’t reward bad behavior, we were all baited, and the game wasn’t the catch we hoped it would be, in fact it pretty much sunk.

I hope you appreciated the nautical puns 😛

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