Aeioth RPG : The 2nd worst game I played in 2018.

Aeioth RPG : The 2nd worst game I played in 2018.
Early Access PC

The Good Points.

*crickets* No animals were harmed in the making of the game, and it is low in saturated fats? that’s about all I can find..

The Bad Points.

Janky animations: characters walked around like they had downed a bottle of Jack Daniel between every quest, selecting npcs caused them to shimmer in a bizarre way, like they were being erased by a spotlight.

A UI so bad it defies belief: I could describe why it’s so bad in a witty and blunt manner, but seriously just look at the screenshots on the store page.. its dismal.. like windows 95 and Microsoft paint had a baby, an ugly baby.

Assert Store or Worse?: The main character starts off wearing the Conan Exiles medium Armor set… asset store item maybe or perhaps “borrowed” from Funcom’s game? either way, not much effort from the Developer.

The idea was good at least: The concept of a single player retro MMORPG was a good one, sadly the idea was the only good part.

Worth a buy?

I believe taking a fistful of dollars and making them into confetti would be a better use of money, this game is awful to the core, I have rarely ever found a game with such little potential.


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