theHunter Primal: We were the Prey.

theHunter Primal: We were the Prey.
What Went Wrong? PC

Now this was a Cash Grab.

Hunter series is a decent franchise, the problem is the developers never were very interested in Dinosaurs, a quick cash grab to piggy back Jurassic park and Ark  Survival franchises, theHunter Devs are not bad developers, and something this bad could never have happened if they were actually trying, in short it was a throw away project that we were expected to buy, and sadly many of us did.

Never made much effort.

The map was decent but looked rather bland, the weapons were ok but nothing amazing the dinosaurs were kinda lame form the start and in short supply variety wise, it feels like a good game that was pushed through too fast, and overall feels terribly rushed.

Not worth a wooden nickle.

The developers have left it to die, it’s not worth a wooden nickle, in fact its caused me to stop buying any games by the developers, as frankly this was a cash grab and a crappy one at that.

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