Review: Will to Live Online: Russian EA Failure v2? PC

Russian EA Failure v2?

Slightly click bait title but for a valid point, not all Eastern Europeans are Russians, just like all Western developers are not American, that being said there have been Many Early access games from Eastern Europe which have frankly been scams, Will to Live however is not one of them, the developers while not perfect have tried to apply community feedback whenever possible and while the CCU is tiny its a solid game, a lot of the problems with the game come from 2 root causes.

  1. There are too many servers for also few players, making the game appear more dead than it is.
  2. People have come to the point where they won’t trust any multiplayer pvp game made by people from former soviet or surrounding areas, and while their reluctance is warranted its also very sad, and wrongly tarnishes good developers reputations.

The game is mechanically very sound, with decent graphics, and fantastic gunplay, quests while standard MMO fair is not poor in any way, enemies have solid AI, and combat feels both exciting and dangerous.

The map is a little grubby and worn, but that is needed to fit the narrative,

Overall its worth a play, but don’t expect wow levels of players, its very much a small server game, despite having the capacity for much more.

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